Option 1: Online AHA Course

This option is for Heartsaver CPR, First Aid, and BLS for Healthcare Providers. This is a video based lecture and hands on skills check off.  There is a fee for the online course and a separate, non refundable fee, of $57.00 for the Heartsaver CPR, First Aid and BLS for Health Care Providers skills check which includes a pocket mask and completion card. 

As noted above, this self-paced course has two parts.  Part 1 is accessible anytime from any computer.  Students can access the programs, Student Manuals, Reference Card and more for 24 months.  This course may be used for initial or renewal and meets all standards for an AHA CPR Card.

Part 1 is completed by going to  www.onlineaha.org and select the course you wish to take from the "Courses" pulldown menu found just below the AHA LogoOnce completed, print your certificate and bring it with you for Part 2.
Part 2
, the skills check-off, is completed by registering below. Skills checks are held every other week from 8:30 am - Noon, generally on Thursday. (NOTE: If there is not a minimum of 3 students registered the Skills Check will be cancelled and you will be notified of other date options.)

CPR Skills Checks

Course Location Date  
CPR/FA Skills Checks IREMSC
2503 18th Ave
8:30 AM
CPR/FA Skills Checks IREMSC
2503 18th Ave
8:30 AM
CPR/FA Skills Checks IREMSC
2503 18th Ave
8:30 AM

Option 2: CPR Instructors

You may contact any instructor on this list to ask about setting up a class. The instructors do classes for groups as well as individuals. Prices may vary as each instructor is an independent contractor.

Name Home Phone Work Phone Email
Bosch, Brandon 509-434-6274 907-385-7039 brandon.bosch@gmail.com
Brown, Denise 907-347-9478   cheerfullyblessed1@gmail.com
Castro, Milagros 907-378-8231 455-2875 mcastro11@alaska.edu
Christenson, Ashley ACLS Skills Check 907-750-9490   ashleyhelmers@hotmail.com
Daniell, David(*BLS) ACLS Skills Check 907-590-9514 907-488-0444 daniell68@hotmail.com
Dennis, Russell 215-669-2836   esterrescue@gmail.com
Dick, Jan (*BLS)   907-488-9768 galenaems@hotmail.com
Fezatte, Chuck 907-388-8737   charlesfezatte@gmail.com
Flowers, Ione 210-232-4673   loneb03@gmail.com
Gehrke RN,Jen (*BLS) 907-378-4090
prefers texting
907-458-5546 jennifer.gehrke@foundationhealth.org
Graf, Ariana
907-460-4046 arianavgraf@gmail.com
Hill, Gordon (*ACLS, BLS, PALS) ACLS Skills Check 907-888-8150 907-353-6304 grhill@gci.net.
Kuhns, Charles(*ACLS, PALS, & BLS) ACLS Skills Check 907-590-0098 907- 455-2895 cmkuhns@alaska.edu
Mata-Celis, Patricia(*ACLS) 907-388-4358 907-479-0888 matacelis@gmail.com
Mensch, Scott (*BLS) 907-590-1712   gsmts2003@yahoo.com
Meyer, David 907-461-8117   dsmeyer@alaska.edu
Michael, Barbara 907-388-1004   ladyff90@hotmail.com
Moore, Beverly 907-460-6060 907-474-2543 beverly.moore@alaska.gov
Mykkanen, Marc 907-978-9223   cookie57401@yahoo.com
Pomeroy, Kim 907-347-3409   fireweed11@yahoo.com
Randall, Brad 907-683-2639 435-459-4741 motorparts124@frontiernet.net
Rockney, David (*BLS) 907-460-6308   davidrockney@gmail.com
Rich, Shyanna 907-370-3039   shyanna.rich@gmail.com
Roper, Cheryl 310-591-9667 907-456-0540 victorycar3@aol.com
Sisneros, Joe
907-371-6471   j.g.sisneros@gmail.com
Solomon, Terry (*BLS) 907-388-1521   tksolomon70@gmail.com
Vinton, Wilma (*ACLS, BLS, PALS) 907-388-7766 907-456-3978 wvinton@interioremscouncil.org
Only available for CPR Instructor Monitoring
Welch, James 804-878-1437 907-873-3271 james.welch6053@gmail.com
Wesseling, Brittany 907-322-6546   bkwesseling@gmail.com
Wetzel, Luke
(*BLS ) ACLS Skills Checks
907-371-4124   luke.wetzel@tananachiefs.org
White, Anthony 907-388-6059 907-873-3743 aawhite.97@hotmail.com
Winther, Laura 907-388-6526 907-456-6445 lfw09@yahoo.com@cgfr.com
Withers, Gerri 907-378-0831 907-353-7372 gerri.m.withers.naf@mail.mil
Walsh, Faith (*BLS) 907-452-4885 907-451-6682 faith.walsh@tananachiefs.org

* Denotes Training Center Faculty Status & level(s) they can monitor an instructor for  initial or renewal certification.
±Denotes Regional Faculty Status