Frequently Asked Questions

Certification Status Questions?

If you have a question regarding the status of your EMT certification or recertification email or call 907.465.3029

What CPR Cards Does the State of Alaska Accept for EMT Certification

A valid CPR credential includes CPR cards, course rosters, or a letter from the CPR Instructor attesting to the applicants successful completion of a CPR program.  The card or letter must clearly indicate that the course included adult, child, and infant CPR and airway obstruction relief maneuvers, including two rescuer CPR and barrier devices. The following CPR credentials are acceptable for EMT certification.

Programs that do not include all of the necessary components or that offer a card valid for greater than two years do not meet the CPR requirements for EMT certification. Requirements for CPR certification and training are specified in 7 AAC 26.985 (d) of the Alaska EMS Regulations.

When Can I Schedule My State Written Exam?

State EMT Written Exams can be scheduled at our office. Tests can be scheduled for every weekday at 8:30am or 1:30pm. Call 456-3978 for your appointment.

 When is Your Next CPR Course?

At this time IREMSC does not hold student CPR classes, we only teach instructor classes. Please visit the CPR Instructor Page on this site for your three options for CPR classes.