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 State of Alaska Form


Comity/Reciprocity Application-Typeable Revised 2016

 Pre-requisite Forms for Acceptance into EMT 2 or EMT 3 Initial Course

EMT-2 Candidate Information Brief

EMT-2 Candidate Proof of Patient Contact Form

Medical Director Verification of EMT-I Experience Form

EMT-3 Candidate Information Brief

EMT-3 Candidate Venipuncture Verification Form

EMT-3 Candidate Proof of Patient Contact Form

Medical Director Verification of EMT-2 Experience Form

Application-Medical Director Sponsorship Form

Recertification Application-Skills Verification Form

       Alaska Skill Sheets January 2017 New

Cold Injuries Guidelines 2014 UPDATE

Prehospital Trauma Guidelines

 ETT Skill Sheets

Link to: Comfort One (state web site)

Link to: State Applications and Forms   

Link to :State of Alaska Paramedic (MICP) Application

Link to :State of Alaska Paramedic (MICP Renewal Application

 Course Forms

IREMSC Course Evaluation  (please make sure to write down which course you are evaluating)

Non-FNSB Student Verification and Authorization Form

Helpful Tools

VARK-a guide to learning styles (find out how you learn)

Continuing Education

What Counts as CME?

    CME Update from the State of AK EMS office

      CME Video List
IREMSC offers these video at no charge. You may check out 3
            videos at a time. If you pass the take home test you will receive
            1 hour of CME per tape.

Online CME Options


State EMT Written Exams can be scheduled at our office.
        Tests can be scheduled for every weekday at 8:30am or 1:30pm.
        Call 456-3978 for your appointment

 LINK TO : NREMT Skills Sheets

 NREMT Testing

How to apply for a Cognitive Exam Brochure

Here are the steps:

  • Enroll and pass your EMS course.

  • Your coordinator will go online to NREMT and let them know you have passed your course.

  • Go online to

  • Click on Login (top of page)

  • Create candidate user account

  • Create New Application

  • Submit your application and fees to NREMT. Paying by credit card online is the fastest route, but they will accept money orders sent by mail.

  • After this process is completed, NREMT will contact you with an Authorization to Test (ATT).  This is the candidates permission slip to contact Person VUE to schedule the examination.

  • You go to PearsonVUE at to locate a testing center and schedule a test. You can also call the toll-free number that NREMT gives you in the notification. Once you take the test, DSHS will get the notification of the results from NREMT.

NREMT Candidate Info Brochure

EMT Applicants Frequently Asked Questions

Criminal Convictions

Interested Person Report may be obtained here

Driving Records may be obtained here